This Crafty Business (Maeri Howard)

NOTE: April 2012 ~ Due to other work commitments Maeri is regretably unable to continue with these posts. 

Do you need to find some motivation to get your Crafty business started or to move it up a gear?  Do you want to know how to start your business, expand it, promote and market it and manage your finances?  Or do you simply need somewhere to ask for advice, blow off steam or ask for some friendly support, then this is the section for you.

As well as a wife and busy mum to 3 young children, Maeri Howard runs her own business providing crafting workshops in a studio in her own home and makes and sells her own bags etc on-line and at craft fairs.  She also runs a support group for small local craft businesses and she has recently been filmed by the BBC for an On-line film which will be released in February 2012, looking at how small businesses recognise and promote the use of the internet.

Here’s the link to the BBC film, Maeri is No. 11 on the list:

Maeri will be writing an article each month throughout this year, looking at many aspects of starting and running your own craft business, as well as giving you some motivational advice.  If you have any questions or suggestions for areas you would like us to cover, please feel free to post below.

Here’s to a successful and prosperous 2012, where we turn our dreams into a reality.

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2 responses to “This Crafty Business (Maeri Howard)

  1. Jacquelyn Marocco

    April 20, 2012 at 10:43 am

    Hi there!
    So its been a few months since I have last asked you any questions. I’m still new to all this, but I have been making calls, researching, going to more events. Its been a bit overwhelming, but is coming along. I have my first craft fair coming up and its their 40th annaversary! I’m very excited about it and can’t wait. My question for you is about networking. I’m not all that computer handy, basic website and google searching is about as far as I go. So this part for me is pretty overwhelming. I want to make a website and business cards. Do you have any dvice on how to get started on this?
    Thank you,
    Jacqui Marocco

    • The Crafty Network

      April 20, 2012 at 5:12 pm

      Hi Jacqui

      If you have a look in the Business Services section under This Crafty Business, you will find links to Vista Print and Moo. They both do Business Cards. I’v used Vista Print and they are quite good, but beware of the postage prices and all the little extras you will keep adding to your business cards as you create them. My first attempt, there was an offer for 500 cards for £5, but by the time I’d uploaded my own logo, printed on the back in colour, added in extra text, they came out at about £35 that was without postage! There is one good thing about Vista Print though, once you have placed an order with them, on a regular basis they will send you email with free offers. I’ve had a free banner for my craft stall, a mug, T shirt, post it notes, postcards, a pen, key ring, all for free apart from paying postage, but it was still a good deal, because I really wanted the banner.

      The other alternative I mentioned was Moo, I haven’t personally used these, but my friend has and she highly recommends them and I have heard lots of other people recommend them too.

      With regards to creating your own website, I suppose there are 3 options, the first would be to create your own, but as you say if you are not all that computer handy, that rules that out. The second option is pay someone to do it for you, but this can be expensive and you could end up paying for any updates to your website etc. The third option is to try one of the free website builders, you don’t have to be technically qualified, it is mainly drag and drop I believe. I have heard Weebly is quite good, it is one I am considering using myself. If you have a look on The Selling Options Section of the Blog and scroll down, there are some links to websites that allow you to build your own website, see which one you like best.

      Good luck, let me know how you get on and if I can be of any further help, please just ask.

      Linda x


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