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Hello and Welcome to the TCN Craft Challenges.  This year we will be doing 4 themed craft challenges during the year which will be open to anyone who makes handcrafted items, even if you are a hobbyist or professional, either here in the UK or abroad. The announcements will be made around the 1st of the month and you will have approximately 4-5 weeks to submit an entry.

The Challenges dates are as follows:

The first challenge will be announced on the 1st FEBRUARY~ deadline 7 March to send in your entries.  Voting will be open for 2 weeks from the 9th March to the 23rd March.  The winner and runners up will be announced on 25th March.

The second challenge will be announced 1st May ~ deadline 5th June, Voting starts 7 June, ends 21st June.  Winners announced 24th June.

The third challenge will be announced 1st September ~ deadline 4 October.  Voting starts 5 October, ends 19th October.  Winners announced 21st October.

The fourth challenge will be announced 1st November ~ deadline 30 November.  Voting starts 2 Dec, ends 14th Dec, Winners announced 16th Dec.

The challenges are all about challenging, inspiring and motivating you throughout the year and also helping you to promote your products/business to a wider audience.  Hopefully you will also find them fun and interesting!

Although there is always a theme to the challenges, the themes are always open to your own creative interpretation, so please do not feel that you are unable to enter a challenge because your item does not fit the theme exactly.  If you are ever unsure please contact TCN via email @

The criteria for Handcrafted/Skilled Items includes: Jewellery, Items for the Home, Papercrafts, Leather items, wood items, wool items, fabric items, clothing or items you can wear, photography, artwork, cakes, candles, soaps etc etc.


1.  The item must be Handcrafted.

2.  Only one entry (photograph) per person/business can be entered for each challenge.

3.  All entries must be emailed to by the closing date.

3.  When submitting your entry you MUST include a description of the item and your contact Facebook url, website url, On-line store url or your email address.

4.  Please state in the Subject line of your email entry CRAFT CHALLENGE ENTRY.

5..  All entries can be sent in at any time from when the challenge is announced but must be submitted by the closing date.  Late entries will not be included.

6.  TCN will not confirm receipt or contact you regarding your entry unless there is a problem.

7.  All entries will remain permanently on the Blog, but will also be uploaded to an Album on the TCN Facebook page, along with your contact details once the challenge is completed.  Also, the winners and runners-up entries will be included in the TCN Blog Gallery and pinned on the TCN Craft Challenge board on Pinterest.

8. Please help us by promoting our challenges to your friends, family and followers and if you enter please encourage them to vote for you.  Self promotion is key to winning.


Once all entries are received TCN will publish all the entries in a new post on the Blog requesting people to vote for their favourites.  The voting will remain open for approximately 2 weeks (but please see the published announcement for closing dates etc).  Any votes received after the closing date/time will not be counted. The Winner and Runners Up will be announced on the following day.

The voting is always helped if the people who enter the challenge encourage their friends and Facebook followers to vote for them, ie. please share on your own page, website or blog.


To decide on the Winners, you can vote for a maximum of 3 of your favourite entries.  When voting please make it very clear the order in which you would like your points distributed.

State the number and if you wish the name allocated to the Photo and if this is your 1st, 2nd or 3rd choice

1st – will be allocated 10 points

2nd – will be allocated 8 points

3rd – will be allocated 5 points

Example:  No. 26 ~ 1st, No. 3 ~ 2nd, No. 45 ~ 3rd

If you wish to vote for only one item, this will be allocated the full 10 points.

You can vote for your favourite/s in the following ways.

1.  You can comment below the published post.

2.  You can comment below the photo, stating if you would like to award it 1st/2nd/3rd place.

3.  You can vote via email to: 

4.  You can also vote via the TCN Facebook page by sending TCN a direct message or commenting below the Challenge Announcement.

Please note, if you are commenting below the post, your comment/vote may not show up immediately as it may need to be verified.  TCN will endeavour to verify all posts as quickly as possible, your vote will only be counted once, so please do not make multiple votes.  Also,  if you choose to send The Crafty Network an email, TCN will not use or retain your email addresses for any marketing purposes and once the vote has been counted and the winners announced, your emails will be deleted.  TCN will only respond to your comment if they are unsure how your votes are to be allocated.


The entry with the most votes after the closing date will be announced as the Winner along with 2 Runners Up.

In the event of a tie for first place, 2 Winners will be announced and only one runner-up.

In the event of a tie for the Runners Up places TCN will cast a deciding vote or award up to 3 Runners Up.

  • The Winner & Runners Up of each challenge will be announced on a new Blog Post approximately 2 days after the voting ends.
  • The Challenges are just for fun and only offer promotion opportunities, no prizes are awarded.
  • The Winners and Runners Up Entries will be included in the TCN Photo Gallery.
  • The Winner will have their logo featured on the right hand side of the TCN Blog for the whole year as a clickable link.
  • The Winner will also be offered the opportunity to do a featured article on the blog.
  • All entries will be published on our Facebook page, once the challenge has been completed.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the challenges please do not hesitate to contact me. either by leaving a comment below this post or via email: 

Thank you and good luck to everyone who takes part.

Linda x 


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