Facebook Help?

If you have a question about Facebook that has not already been covered below, please leave a comment, also if you can offer some Facebook Help also leave comment and I will get it added.



FACEBOOK GUIDELINES (includes info on Promotions etc):

INTERESTS: From your personal page you can now set up Interest Groups and place the Business Pages you like within the groups you set up, ie. you could set up a Networking List and put The Crafty Network in it!  Then you can select to view that list and see all the posts by the pages in that list.

If you visit and like a Business Page, if you click on the LIKE button, click Add to Lists, you can then create a List and add pages to it.  If you have already created a list, just click the list you would like to Add the page to.

PERSONAL PAGES BEING USED AS BUSINESS PAGES: This contravenes FB policy and they will close your personal page down if they find you doing this.

SPAM:  To find the posts that FB has decided are SPAM, If you click Manage and select use Activity Log on your FB business page,  to the top right there is a down arrow, if you click on this and select SPAM, it will show you all posts that have been marked as SPAM by FB!  (Added 24/4/12)


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