JANUARY 2013~ Stash Challenge (Closed)

TCN 2013 Challenge

The January Stash Challenge is a ‘just for fun’ challenge to kick-start the New Year, or you can use it to help motivate and inspire you at any time during the year.  There is no Challenge Winner, ie. declared by voting.   However, if the challenge inspires you to try something different or helps you to think more creatively on how you promote and photograph your items, then I hope you have gained something from it and you are all winners!

So I am leaving this challenge open for the year, if you would like to join in and send in a picture of something you have made, that challenged you, either by learning a new skill or doing something that was out of your comfort zone, I would love to see them and I will include them in the entries post. To view all the entries please click here JANUARY STASH CHALLENGE ENTRIES. 

Please remember to tell us about how the item challenged you and also be creative in how you photograph your item and write about it.

These are the guidelines:

  1. The item or items must be handmade and you can only use the materials and tools you already have in your stash.  You can also recycle and upcycle.
  2. Please try to challenge yourself by incorporating a new skill or technique (Youtube is a great source for tutorials).
  3. I would like you to try thinking outside of your box or comfort zone, for example make something that is not your norm, ie. if you normally make new and modern, try vintage, if you normally like working with lots of colour try monochrome.  If you do light and girly, try masculine or dark.  Even try a totally different craft or incorporate it with your norm.
  4. Lastly I would like you to market and sell your item to me, imagine you are listing the item on a website or an on-line marketplace to sell it (this is only imaginary, so if you are a hobbyist and don’t sell your items normally you can still have a go).  I want you to think about the whole Producing>Marketing>Sales process. Write a creative description of the item/items, Price it/them (truthfully) and if you want to you can try packaging/branding your product in a new and different way. 
  5. Lastly I would like to see you take time to photograph your item in a staged and unique way.

Please email me your entries to and make sure you label the email JANUARY STASH CHALLENGE.



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