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This section is all about where you can sell your handmade crafts, looking at on-line options and what other alternatives there are?  We have done a little investigating and we were amazed how many alternatives we found!

So many we haven’t got around to doing a write-up on all of them yet! We are looking at this as a work in progress and would welcome any assistance or comments from anyone who has experience on any of the sites/alternatives below or know of anything we may have missed? Also, if you run an on-line marketplace and would like to be added to our list, then please get in touch.

Please contact us via our email address: or leave a comment below.  Thank you.

Sites are listed in Alphabetical order.





Artfire is a small USA based company founded in 2008, they have a passion for handmade, art and indie business. They are an interactive handmade marketplace and crafty community and their mission is to support your business and brand with innovative features and functions.  You must be registered on the site and must be18 or over to have a legally binding contract between buyer and seller.  You can use the site if you are under 18 but a parent has to take legal responsibility.

Costs:  $12.65 per month for unlimited listings and complete control over your own custom store. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not happy with your shop for any reason you can receive a full refund of your first payment, no questions asked.

[Last updated March 2014]



Sell Art, Craft and Vintage. With, selling you art and craft is easy, and costs just £4.99 per year. You can control exactly what you list, and add as many items as you like with no hidden fees. In fact we don’t charge anything other than our membership fee – everything after that is free!

Sign-up here

[Last updated March 2014]



Anyone and everyone can sell on Asos marketplace! From emerging designers, indie labels and vintage boutiques and wardrobe recyclers. They have 2 types of selling account; Basic and Boutique. You can sell:



  • New clothing from independent labels, brands and emerging designers.
  • Vintage Clothing
  • Second hand clothing (we call this ‘wardrobe recycling’).
  • Jewellery, shoes, bags,

You can list up to 100 items from your wardrobe, for free, at any one time. We simply take just 5% commission when the item sells, some of which is donated to charity via the ASOS Foundation.

Plus, listing is now easier than ever via the Marketplace Selling App for iPhone! Download from iTunes to sell your style on-the-go.

APPLY FOR A BOUTIQUE: On average our Boutiques sell twice as much as our Basic Account Sellers, so it’s a pretty sweet deal.

What you need to know before applying:

  • You must have at least 15 different styles on sale at any one time
  • A Boutique costs £20 per month and there is a 20% commission payable on every sale (see full features & fees here)
  • You need to have a user account to apply for a boutique.  Please use your username and password to sign in, or create a new account if you don’t already have one.

[Last updated March 2014]


BIG CARTEL: – For clothing designers, bands, record labels, jewellery makers, crafters and other artists.

An E-commerce/ on-line store provider, founded in 2005 to help the co-founder sell his band’s merchandise, Big Cartel is now home to over 200,000 independent artists worldwide and growing.  It’s targeted at small, indie brand owners.

Current store categories: Accessories, Art & Design, Books & Zines, Boutique, Clothing, Handmade, Kids, Music, Paper Goods, Speciality, Vintage

It is quick and easy to set up a store, you can use one of the many themes for your shop front and easily customise the graphics and colours, without knowledge of coding, but if you are happy with HTML, CSS and JavaScript then you can make your stores completely unique.  You can use your own domain name to give your store a custom URL.  Each store has a look and feel of an independent web site.


Stay as long as you like, no commitment, no contract, cancel anytime.  You can change your pricing plan at any time.

Apart from the Pricing structure below, there are no other charges for listing or selling, although the normal Paypal charges do apply.


GOLD:  Free – allows up to 5 products for sale, 1 image per product, basic stats and customisation, no inventory tracking, no discount codes, no custom URL.

PLATINUM: $9.99/month – allows up to 25 products for sale, 3 images per product, better stats, full customisation, inventory tracking, discount codes, use your own URL.

DIAMOND: $19.99/month – allows up to 100 products for sale, 5 images per product, best stats, full customisation, inventory tracking, discount codes, use your own URL.

TITANIUM: $29.99/month – allows up to 300 products for sale, 5 images per product, best stats, full customisation, inventory tracking, discount codes, use your own URL.

Pros: Ideal for higher-end art and design.  Listings stay valid as long as you have an open account.  Also if you know coding you can customise your store.  You can use the Facebook app to link Facebook and your store. You will save money by listing and selling on here if you wish to list and maintain lots of products due to paying just one fee per month (that’s if you sell items).  One page listing process.  You can easily mark items as sold or not available, rather than delete, and you can offer various discount codes.  Your store is already optimized for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) based on Google recommendations and real time statistics are available to enable you to keep an eye on your stores activity.

Cons: They only promote a small number of stores and really only showcases big names and best sellers.  Customers cannot mark their favourites.  It’s very much about self promotion and attracting your own traffic.  You can only save one sales/shipping process.  When items are sold you only get a link to your paypal receipt, so you have to login to Paypal.  There is no facility to communicate with buyers except by sending a direct email. There is no feedback system.  You are very much on your own, just like having your own website.

[Last updated March 2014]


Crafters boutique


Where sellers can rent shops to sell their creations.

Becoming a seller is easy – all you have to do is apply for a vendor account and then purchase the required vendor period.

We have two options you can choose from to sell your items.  You can become a standard seller or a premium seller

Standard Seller Pricing Structure & Information You chose how long you would like your shop for.  Once the time frame has ended you will be sent an automated invoice to continue selling your creations in your shop. The prices are set out below:

1 month – £6 3 months – £15 6 months – £30 12 months £60

As a standard seller your items will be listed on the website within the categories you specify when listing each item.

Premium Seller Pricing Structure & Information You choose how long you would like your shop for. Once the time frame has ended you will be sent an automated invoice to continue selling your creations in your shop. The prices are set out below:

1 month – £8 3 months – £20 6 months – £38 12 months £70

If you are a member of the PROFESSIONAL CRAFTERS GUILD please login to your account on their website and visit the members discount area for a brilliant discount on a Premium Seller Shop.

[Last updated March 2014]



Handmade Gifts, Cards and Craft Supplies.  Includes Crafty Corner, for you to discover exciting projects, guides and recipes. New categories and directories for: workshops/classes and craft supplies.

Crafty Magpie isn’t just another online marketplace, we’re crafters ourselves so we understand the time and hard work that goes into making your products.

There are no limitations to your membership – add as many products as you wish to your shop 24/7, with orders and payments sent to your email and Paypal account respectively.

Your membership includes FREE access to a private seller forum where you can meet up with other sellers, and learn some valuable advice on making the most out of your crafting business, both on Crafty Magpie and on your personal sites. It is also the place to go to learn of our upcoming events, competitions and suggest your ideas for the site and or events/competitions.

Plus, all sellers can receive £10 off their premium membership to the Professional Crafters Guild.


  • There is a £35 joining fee for non-food sellers. If you sell handmade food that cannot be delivered throughout the UK then joining fee is £25. Within the food category, there will be additional sub categories of the counties you can deliver to/welcome collections.
  • Membership is foreverrrrrrrrrrrr, of course you can leave anytime and your shop can be placed ‘offline’ so that you don’t need to re-add your products again.
  • We take a 10% commission on sales, excluding postage
  • Customers pay you directly via Paypal ( they do not need a Paypal account to make payment – but you will need a Paypal account to receive money)
  • Our commission is taken at the time of purchase, so you won’t be waiting for that monthly bill.

They also have a Facebook Page:

[Last updated March 2014]



Creative Stores is a UK based collaboration of virtual stores for creative individuals all over the world to sell their own creations and products, they also welcome people who sell supplies and gifts whether they are handmade or not.  You must be over 16 to register to be a seller and a buyer but if you are just browsing or searching you don’t need to.

Creative Stores allows you to create your own virtual store.  There are no setup charges,  hidden fees, listing fees or commission.  You just pay a monthly fee of  £3.50 for up to 25 items and £5.00 for an unlimited size store (which  can be cancelled at anytime), enabling you to upload as many items as  you like into your own virtual store.

If you wish to have an unlimited yearly store the price is £39.99, this is a saving of £20.00 for the year. If  you pay the yearly fee, we will not refund any part of this payment if  you choose to close your store within the year you subscribed so please  be sure that this is the option you require. You cannot ask for a refund of any payments that have occurred.  If you wish to cancel your store you will need to give one months’ notice.

[Last updated March 2014]



Dawanda is a German on-line marketplace with a presence in France and the UK, it was launched in August 2006.  It is a place to buy and sell unique products, handmade and hard to find goods this includes vintage and supplies.

This is the link to the seller portal:

Costs: It is free to set up an account. There are currently no listing fees to list in one category, but this is due to change this year, all listings last for 120 days or until the item is sold. If you wish to list the item in more than one category there is a charge of 0.40Euros (includes VAT).  There is a charge of 5% commission on all items sold. Invoices are sent out monthly once your fees amount to 5 Euros or more.

Pros: You can link your Dawanda shop to Facebook and Twitter. It is the European leading on-line marketplace of handmade items. You can also choose to sell your items in the French and German sites. Good, simple instructions on how to set up your shop. Paypal is accepted and Buyers can also buy vouchers to use across the site. Buyers can also use a ‘Gift Detective’ section where the community helps them find presents.

Cons:  Not a good site to attract USA buyers or buyers from around the world.

[Last updated March 2014]



Dorothy & Theodore is a gorgeous online shopping boutique created specifically for parents who do not wish to wholly compromise on style in order to accommodate the needs and wants of their children.  Launched at the Earls Court Baby Show in October 2011, it is run by Sally and Emma who, as parents themselves, wanted to provide a single place where you can find beautiful and practical products which meet the requirements and desires of both parent and child, as well as some truly special products to commemorate the arrival of a child, their christening, first birthday or other important occasions.

Emma and Sally personally select all the sellers who sell through Dorothy & Theodore and they are both very passionate about their company and brand, and the sellers they represent.  They are committed to supporting small UK handmade businesses where they are able with a significant proportion of their sellers being fellow UK based working parents.

Sally and Emma understand that marketing is key and this is where Dorothy & Theodore can really add value to your business.  Every opportunity is taken to market the website and its sellers, including responding daily to media requests, online and offline advertising campaigns, dedicated use of social media and competitions, and sales promotions.

Sellers can be assured of fully transparent costs with no hidden extras.   The charges are consistently applied and commission is calculated on the product sales price and not delivery costs or VAT (where applicable).  In addition, sellers do not pay or contribute to any of the following:

  • credit and debit card transaction fees;
  • fraud protection for online purchases;
  • administration fees; or
  • any promotional discounts which Dorothy & Theodore elect to run such as 10% off all products.

Current Categories: Home accessories, wall art & hangings, furniture, parents accessories, children’s clothing, children’s accessories, children’s activities, toys, stationery & albums, gifts & mementos, Personalised, Edibles & treats, Party, Seasonal

Pros: A unique selling site for a niche market targeted at Parents, Only sells Quality items, UK site, Good marketing strategy.

Cons: Selling/Membership fees unknown given only on application.

To sell on their site: If you have a product that you think will meet their high standards and that fits their company profile, they would love to hear from you. Please contact them at: or

[Last checked March 2014]


dreamaidDREAM AID: – charity supporting artists in poor parts of the world

Art & Soul – It’s commerce with a soul, allowing customers to buy original hand crafted goods and helps artists to help others.

Sellers can list as many items as they like for free, set how much you want to donate to charity from your selling price and then when you sell an item, Dream Aid will charge you a 10% selling fee. Once the transaction is complete between you and the buyer, you will then be sent an invoice from Dreamaid for their fees and the Dreamaid Charity donation you have agreed.

[Last updated March 2014]


EBAY:– On-line auction and marketplace for used and new goods

Ebay is a US based global company which was founded in 1995 and has grown to become a household name with hundreds of millions of registered users world wide.  If you can think of it you can probably buy it on Ebay!  Items can be listed as auction items where buyers can bid on your item and it is sold to the highest bidder or you can choose to list the item as a ‘Buy it Now’ option at an amount chosen by you.

Costs: See here for current Ebay Selling fees    It is free to register with Ebay but if you want to set up your own Ebay Shop you have to pay a monthly subscription (currently £19.99/month for a basic shop up to £249.99 for a Anchor shop)  You must also register a valid credit card, debit card or bank account before you can list an item.  When you sell on Ebay as a Private Seller you will have to pay Insertion fees, Final value fee (only if your item sells) and Feature fees (for optional additional features), See this link for more information:

Pros: When you list an item on Ebay you can choose options to sell your item just locally or to a worldwide audience increasing your chances of selling your item.  You can choose to accept various payment methods for your items, ie. cash, cheque, postal order, paypal) There is a lot of help and support from Ebay.

Cons: Consider all the costs involved; listing/selling fees, paypal fees, P&P costs and Shop costs (if you choose this option).  You will have to pay listing and shop fees even if you don’t sell anything.  There is a lot of competition, sometimes selling very cheaply priced items.  Ensure buyers can find your items by listing in the correct categories and putting key words in the Listing title.

[Last updated March 2014]



Etsy is a USA based on-line marketplace for handmade and vintage items, such as jewellery, clothing, art, housewares and also supplies.  It has more than 8 million members and 800,000 online shops and was launched in 2005.

See this link for what can be sold on Etsy:

Costs: It is free to set up a Seller Account, but you must be over 18.  Listing fees are in US currency at 20 cents per listing (if you sell 3 of the same item in the same listing it will cost 60 cents). The listing is for 4 months.  They charge 3.5% commission on sold items and they send you a monthly bill to pay your fees, via a registered credit card or paypal account.  Currency conversation is handled automatically.

Pros:  A larger marketplace with a better profile, which a lot of people have heard of.  There is also a thriving community, offers and discounts available to Etsy members. You can link your Etsy shop to your Facebook business page. You also can offer features in your shop, ie. discount codes, postage discounts.

Cons: There is a lot of competition due the amount of sellers on there, especially if you sell popular items.  You need to be aware of the currency conversation from US Dollars to pounds.  You need to have a paypal account.  You also need to be more aware of distance selling regulations and how they apply if you send items abroad.  You must pay Etsy to be showcased, a one day slot costs $7.

[Last updated March 2014]



Folksy is a UK-based on-line marketplace which was launched in the summer of 2007 and provides a marketplace for independent artists, designers and crafters.  You must be 18 or above to have an account with them and they only allow small-scale, hand-crafted items which have been designed and crafted by the seller, ie no vintage, no use of mass-produced items and no food stuffs.  There is also a number of Craft Suppliers on the site.

See this link for what you can sell:


Selling Tips:  Self Promotion is key to doing well on Folksy, make sure when listing you include good quality photos, always try to use up the maximum of 5 photos and ensure you have labelled your photos with good descriptive words.  This is so the google bots will pick them up and show them on searched images.  Also, this is very important: make sure you have written a profile, uploaded an Avatar and included T&C’s.  Also put as much information as you can in your listing about the item you are selling.  You will need to have a paypal account.

Pros:  Folksy can be found on Facebook and Twitter.  It has a very friendly and supportive community of sellers who communicate via a very lively Forum.  Sellers do benefit from being part of the Forum to help promote their shop. If you are lucky enough Folksy chooses free of charge, featured sellers to promote on their home page, their blog and on Facebook.  There is a feedback system for buyers and sellers which can give some peace of mind to other buyers.  There are also free how to guides on how to make your own items.

Cons:  The seller must still be prepared to work hard self promoting their own shop, you will not get many sales if you don’t.  It is a good idea to have a Facebook Business page to enable you to self promote. Your items must be all handmade and not just ‘assembled’, if you are confused about this contact Folksy with some photos of your items and ask for their advice.  Don’t forget paypal fees as well as the selling fees. Not everyone uses the Feedback button.

[Last updated March 2014]



Gift wrapped and Gorgeous (GWAG) based in Bodmin, Cornwall, is a luxury gift online marketplace that supports UK small businesses, known as their partner companies. It was set up in January 2010 by 2 designer maker ladies (Amanda Charteris and Alison Griffiths) who pride themselves on offering that personal touch and a very professional service.

What they offer:

  • Only the best Creative Companies and Designers are selected to work with us.
  • Limited numbers of places are available to ensure you received a personal service.
  • Showcase your products and designs immediately to the UK National Consumer Media.
  • No restrictions on where or who you sell with elsewhere on the internet which maximises potential income for YOUR business.
  • Inclusion in Group Marketing activities such as regular e-newsletters, blogs and social media (We are very good at this!)
  • Telephone support on how to maximise the potential of your boutique.
  • Marketing,e-commerce and press administration is taken care of for you, leaving you free to do what you do best – create beautiful products!
  • A ready-made luxury e-commerce boutique which you can manage yourself.
  • At least 3000 unique visitors to Gift Wrapped & Gorgeous every week who spend around 4-5 minutes browsing the website.  That’s like 3000 people per week visiting a high street shop!
  • Access to reduced rate professional product photography.

Costs: It is based on Membership packages

£149.99 for two years which gets you your readymade in a flash virtual boutique with all the group marketing we can throw at you. OR

£199.99 for two years membership which is a bogof offer.  So instead of paying £199.99 for one year you get two years and you get your product images on pressloft and promoted to journalists who send us press requests.

Altogether this works out at about 60 p per day to have your very own virtual ecommerce boutique with 3,000 unique visitors and rising every single week.

Pros: This feels like a very upmarket, professional and exclusive marketplace, real care is taken to select top quality designers who make items with care and attention, photograph them professionaly and package them beautifully.  They offer a professional photographer network to take the photos for you at reasonable rates if you wish.  They will market your products to the press and media and include low cost inclusion into a brochure that is sent out to thousands of target customers online and paper form.

Cons:  You must keep up to date with your e-commerce page and have strong commercial focus. This markeplace is for the dedicated and professional designer which they handpick.



GroovyCart is an online shop provider that allows you to setup and customise your own online shop in minutes. You can choose to sell whatever you want.

Costs: You can start on a free bronze account, you can then buy either gold or silver upgrade days to get extra functionality for your shop.  You only pay a subscription charge, no set up fees or listing fees. Current prices as of Sep 2011.

Bronze FREE:
Maximum price of a product £50.
A maximum of 30 products on your shop.
Maximum of 10 orders in a 30 day period.

Silver £24 for 90 days:
No adverts on your site!
Maximum price of a product £200.
A maximum of 200 products on your shop.

Gold £24 for 30 days:
No adverts on your site!
Maximum price of a product £10,000.
A maximum of 1000 products on your shop.
Ability to send out E-mail newsletters to your customers

Pros: It’s easy to use and set up your own web site, you don’t need any technical or web design experience.  Its customisable, It accepts payment by Google Checkout, Paypal and many others.  They worry about hosting your site, security and getting you on search engines.

Cons: ??


JEWELLERY JOY & CRAFT JOY:– launched October 2011

A  promotion & selling Website dedicated to the UK Hand-crafted Jewellery Market which is gaining new jewellery sellers all the time.

They have also just launched a new on-line store for all other crafts which the development of is being guided by the subscribed sellers.

They are currently offering 30 days subscriptions to either site for free (in conjunction with Craft Seller Magazine) for new subscribers – If you would like to take up this offer then use the URLs here or






MISI: – The home of buying and selling handmade in the UK.





NOTHS is a UK on-line marketplace which enables designer/makers to sell high quality unique but commercial products on their site.  To sell on their site you need to complete an on-line application form and send good quality lifestyle setting photographs of your items for their review.

They have a number of lifetime membership packages, they will decide which is best for you, based on your application, if accepted.  There is a one-off joining fee and then no charges to list products.  Paypal fees will apply.

Current Categories: Home & Garden, For Her, For Him, Baby & Child, Gifts, Fashion, Weddings, Mother’s Day, Easter

Pros:  They ensure only good quality and unique items are sold on their site and if you are accepted as a seller you will be one of a select few. They make it easy for customers to find you, by running pay per click advertising campaigns with Google and Yahoo and promotions in publications.  They also send emails out to over 250,000 customers featuring their partners products.

Cons:  Not everyone will be selected.  You will need to have good photographs preferably in a lifestyle setting.



They also have a Facebook page:

Swanky Maison is the house of fabulous homeware & gifts, and an avid supporter of great design.

Selling on behalf of over a hundred talented artists, graduates, small independents and designers means we are able to bring you a vast and eclectic collection of high quality, fresh and exciting products with something to suit all tastes, budgets and requirements.

Every collection showcased on Swanky Maison has been personally selected based on originality of design and quality of craftsmanship.  The majority of our designers are based in the UK, most items are handcrafted and many can be personalised.

Each and every one of our ‘sellers’ shares our passion for design and our commitment to delivering exceptional customer service. So although you may be ordering from a number of different sources you can be guaranteed a consistent, flexible and enjoyable shopping experience.

You can read all about each designer’s background, directed from the product pages, so you know exactly where your goods are coming from and who you are supporting.

Founding partners, Cath and Emma love Swanky Maison and love all the featured designers’ collections. We hope you share their passion.

If you would like more information about our company and designers, or if you have a press enquiry please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If you are a designer yourself and would like to become part of Swanky Maison then please apply here.

[Last updated March 2014]



The Crafters Barn started  in June this year. The main focus was to provide a safe and secure outlet for UK crafters to sell from, that is affordable.  To that end they have no commission charges at all on sales. The fees are £2.30 a month for unlimited listings, and those listings stay on the site until sold or deleted. There is no time limit.  There is also no obligation to pay month on month, you only re-activate your membership when you want to list new products for sale.  Each shop has its own page and is listed in the seller directory and they can upload their own logos and also facebook and twitter ID’s if wanted, so that they can start to promote their own shop independently of the Barn as a whole if they want, but also that as part of a craft community they can each bring buyers to the site to browse and hopefully buy. Payments are all made via paypal.

They have a list of improvements for the site, including opening more category options so that as well as searching by craft there will be options for “normal categories” (baby, garments, homewares etc), who to buy for (man, woman, child, baby etc) and occasions (valentines, Christmas, easter etc) Plus we are hoping to soon be able to allow sellers to offer voucher codes for discounts or as gift vouchers. –These are all things on the “to-do” list





Things British was created to support a thriving network of designer makers around the UK. From ceramics to furniture, jewellery to glass, metalwork to textiles.  If you want your very own brick-and-mortar shop to sell your craft but don’t have the time, capital or resources to make that happen, then they are offering a new, contemporary opportunity for makers to take what might be a profession or a pastime to a whole new level. They are situated on Carnaby Street, in London’s West End,  W1B 5PW and hope to expand further with more shops.

You are assigned your own shelf, wall or rack space in their shop, they provide the staff and do all the selling for you.  This also includes advertising, joint promotions, events and marketing and free listing on their e-commerce site. Your products should be high quality and handcrafted in Britain, but it is not essential that materials are sourced in the UK and it’s Ok if your items are made from assembled products.  Items ideally should be around £10 – £100 in value, the average about £20.

Costs: Rent a whole shelf and their services from £2.00 per day,  £30 deposit to reserve your dedicated space and then automated payments using paypal. No commission fees, but small fee charged for taking debit and credit card payments on sold items.  Money for items sold will be sent to you on a fixed date each month. Minimum rental is for 4 weeks.

Pros:  No long term commitment, their Retail Sales Agency agreement is from 4 weeks to 1 year.   You can use their shops for daytime or evening events for a small fee.  You can send enough stock to fill the shelf booked and send replenishment when necessary.  But if you book for over 12 weeks you can send twice as much stock which will be used as buffer stock.  You can brand your own space and advertise your on-line shops etc.

Cons:  Even though they mentioned an e-commerce site we couldn’t find it.  They don’t like displaying heavy and large items and items of high value.  We couldn’t find out how big the shelf space is from their website.



A New Global Creative Community

The Arrival of brings great new opportunities to the Handmade Marketplace.

You can Open a Shop and List your work for Free on ThingsArty.

In Addition, ThingsArty charges just %5 commission on work sold.

ThingsArty will Promote YOUR work Worldwide. This is a golden Opportunity to Sell Your Handmade Crafts to a Global Audience

It’s easy to start selling on ThingsArty. You just register, list your work and start selling.

So Don’t miss this opportunity to promote your work on the World stage.  Get listing on ThingsArty Today



The social marketplace for people who live, buy and sell handmade, vintage and collectables.


WOOGIE WOO: – A fashion marketplace

On-line fashion marketplace established in January 2010 for people within the fashion industry to sell or display their work and for people to shop for the latest trends.

Shop Categories: Accessories, Apparel, Outerwear, Everything else

What you can Sell: Womens Clothing, Mens Clothing, Accessories, Eyewear, Jewelry, Purses & Bags, Apparel, Handmade items, Kids, Leather, Plus Size, Rhinestone, Vintage, Beauty, Fragrance, Hair accessories, Swimwear

T&C’s: To use the site as a seller or buyer you must create an account. There are no fees associated with a shopper account and there are no start up fees to create a shop for a seller, but there are seller posting fees which range from $0.10-0.25 per item and are purchased in bundle packages from $1.00-$10.00. For each item that is sold there is a flat 5% commission fee that is directly taken from the sale total not including the shipping price. This fee does not include the standard fees associated with Paypal (  You must be 18 or over to sell or buy on the site or have the permission of a legal guardian.

Pros:  No limits to how many items you can list, no start up fees, you can customise your shop, although most shops I looked at, looked the same.  You can custom your domain,  You can add a Blog to your shop, on-line statistics,  secure payment via paypal.  Fees are taken as soon as the item sells not as a monthly bill.

Cons: Prices are all in US dollars and when I tried to change the currency to pound sterling I got a whoops link broke!  Categories like jewellery not split into further categories.  You need to create an account to buy as well as sell.









Unless you are a web design genius or prepared to pay for a professional to design you a website, you may have to look at one of the free/low-cost Website options.  These help you to build your own website, you need no previous experience of web design software or coding, as it’s all done by choosing and dragging their on-line options and boxes.

Here are just a few of the sites you may want to have a look at:

(We hope to investigate further each of these sites in a new section and look at their ease of use, reliability and size, if anyone can help please get in touch).


Helping independent businesses get found and sell more! As a business, you can join frooly in minutes! Create an easy web presence, add your logo, videos & pictures. Keep friends and fans updated on your favourite social media sites, share your news, add your own online store, and get found on Google. Sell vintage fashion, handmade jewellery, luxury hampers, jams, teas, china cake stands, cupcakes… you name it, find it on frooly!



Many of you probably already know how to promote and sell your items on Facebook, by selling to people who like your page.  All you have to do is upload a photo, write a description and price the item and then click publish so it appears on your page and on the news feeds of all your fans and then hopefully someone sees it, wants it and buys it from you.  But it is not always that simple to find a buyer.  You need to continually promote and network to find new buyers.  There are many networking pages which will help you expand your customer base.  (See our ‘Selling Your Crafts’ button at the top of our Blog for a list of Networking Pages on Facebook).

Another alternative is to use an application which you can find on Facebook called payvment E-commerce storefront.  This is a free to use application which allows you to set up a shop and sell to the whole of the Facebook community.


CRAFT FAIRS, HOME PARTIES,  – See our Craft Fair tips page on our blog and also visit our Facebook page Events tab for a list of Events around the UK.









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  1. Denise

    September 27, 2011 at 2:26 pm

    I’m on ArtFire, have been for a while now, and here’s my “two cents”:

    Pros: It’s great that you can do a subscription rather than a per piece price for listings, so for USD 9.95 a month (or less if you happen to catch a special), you can list as many products as you want, no additional listing fees, no additional fees after the sale. The listing tool is fairly simple, just a little time consuming, but I like it. They’ve been making some upgrades lately, so if you tried it over a year ago, you might want to take another look. Also, they are connected to gbase (Google), so you get some additional exposure there. You can share items via Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon, and there are several groups promoting collections, so if you do a little “legwork”, you can get some extra exposure for no extra cost.

    Cons: Not nearly as much traffic as some of the larger sites, like Etsy or eBay, but that is changing.

    • The Crafty Network

      September 27, 2011 at 2:33 pm

      Thank Denise, we have no experience of buying or selling on Artfire so this was very useful, we will add it to our page. Lx

  2. elegantcraft

    September 27, 2011 at 4:30 pm

    Thanks so much for compiling this info I found it really helpful. Some of the sites I had heard of some not but I have found it a bit bamboozling to try and compare sites to find the best potential options for me as a seller. It’s great to see them all side by side and it has certainly helped me to focus abnd given me more sites to check out too.

  3. Witchmountain

    September 27, 2011 at 11:59 pm

    Thanks for this post, it’s really useful. I’ve just started a Folksy shop having been on Etsy for quite a while now. I’ve also been told that Asos Marketplace is good for unique fashion items ( they must be photographed “street style” and are quite strict about this, no indoor shots for some reason)

    • The Crafty Network

      September 28, 2011 at 7:39 am

      Thank you, we will have a look into it and add it to our list. Lx

  4. Just K Jewellery

    September 28, 2011 at 6:27 am

    a really really useful blog
    there’s also… – used to be really good but not sure what’s happening with it now – they’ve still got the royal wedding on the home page – a charity supporting artists in poor parts of the world

    • The Crafty Network

      October 2, 2011 at 1:07 pm

      Thanks for the links, we have added them above and will get round to having a look at them soon. x

  5. The Sparkly Fairy (Emma)

    September 28, 2011 at 9:45 am

    Brilliant piece – some new links I didn’t know about! I’m a Folksy and MISI seller but it is very slow!

  6. jax

    October 2, 2011 at 12:06 pm

    Great blog, lots of interesting information, i’m quite new to online selling so the link are very useful to me.

  7. Beattie st Clair

    December 2, 2011 at 1:52 pm

    Hope you don’t mind me adding to this great mix but I would like to mention http:///

    Founded by WAHM and successfully selling online since 2005 and still growing. Stunning new visuals launching 2012 and looking for UK boutique brands and more handmade suppliers with chance to have your own concession within the boutique.

    There is currently a concession application form to register an interest and info will be sent as it becomes available:

    Thanks for a great article 🙂

    • The Crafty Network

      January 18, 2012 at 11:33 am

      Thank you so much for this information, we have now added boutiquetoyou to our list but we have not yet had chance to visit it and do more of a write up. I’m currently updating and adding to some of the shops links/write ups but as I’m sure you appreciate it’s a lot of work. Glad you liked the article and hope you find it useful. Linda x

  8. Mark Vardy

    January 5, 2012 at 11:32 pm

    Hi… I’m Mark, the owner and developer of
    Thanks for listing my new site on here. The site is gaining new jewellery sellers all the time and as a jewellery-maker myself I find it extremely encouraging that the craft has some very talented designers in the UK.
    I have just launched which follows the same principles as JewelleryJoy but for all other crafts. The first sellers are just moving in…
    My principles are to be guided by the subscribed sellers and I have already had some great feedback which is helping shape the future of the site development.
    We are currently offering 30 days subscription to either site for free (in conjunction with Craft Seller Magazine) for new subscribers – If you would like to take up this offer then use the URLs below: or

    More information about the sites can be gained by visiting the sites… or you can contact me by email at or phone: 01782 850108

    • The Crafty Network

      January 18, 2012 at 11:52 am

      Hi Mark
      Thanks for visiting our Blog and giving us an update on your new site, we hope they both do very well. We have not had chance yet to have a good look at your pages to enable us to do a write up but we are working our way ‘slowly’ through the huge list and hopefully will get your pages done soon. In the meantime if you would be interested we would love to feature you on our Blog, you could tell us a bit about yourself and what inspired you start up your on-line stores and hopefully it will attract more business to your site? Send us an email to if you are interested. Thanks. Linda

  9. fiddlyfingers

    June 2, 2012 at 8:43 pm

    I am just beginning to offer crochet workshops (mainly, but others as well) in the Devon area, how do I go about adding my details to your ‘Workshops’ list?

    • The Crafty Network

      June 7, 2012 at 8:06 pm

      Hi Fiddlyfingers, apologies for the delay in replying. If you could send me an email with the information you would like included within the Workshops Page I will gladly add you to that list. My email is: Thanks. Linda x

  10. Beattie St Clair

    June 7, 2012 at 10:33 pm

    Hi Linda, i just thought I would revisit as you had so very kindly added us to your list 🙂 The new site has just launched 2 weeks ago and is looking fab ( blows trumpet) . There are currently no joining/ mebership fees whilst we build up our profile of concession partners. Yes I did say that .. no fees to join!

    We have turned a lot of applications away as we know what we want and what our customers are looking for but we don’t bite! All you have to do is fill in the simple form to register your interest and we always reply.

    Would love to feature on your blog so i could tell you a bit more about the story behind Boutique To You and our plans.Thanks again!

    • The Crafty Network

      June 8, 2012 at 9:00 am

      Hi Beattie, I only managed a quick look last night before shutting down and going to bed, but it does look fab, I will have a proper look later today when I get some time.

      I would love you to do a feature for the Blog, do you know what you want to write or would you like to base it around some questions I could try to put together? Thanks. Linda x

  11. Beattie St Clair

    June 14, 2012 at 4:16 pm

    Hi Linda- That would be great! I would be happy to answer your questions. Please send an e-mail via the contact page with Crafty Network in the title so we can arrange 🙂

  12. Marty

    November 9, 2012 at 9:01 pm

    Great list, how about adding ? We’re British based and keen to find new members to sell with us, so we’re offering free listings.

    • The Crafty Network

      November 14, 2012 at 4:03 pm

      Hi Marty, Thank you for letting me know about your site, I have now added it to the list of Selling Sites. When I finally get a free moment I will have a proper good luck at your site and write something more about it in the comments. However, if you are interested I am always happy to do features and if you would be willing to write an article telling us about your site,, when it started, etc etc. I would be pleased to publish it for you on the TCN Blog. This may help you with some publicity. Get in touch if you are interested. Thanks. Linda x

  13. Eclectics

    May 4, 2013 at 11:58 am

    I’m about to start selling my crafts and this was extremely helpful. Thank you so much for taking the trouble to present this information!

  14. bewishful

    May 13, 2013 at 3:02 pm

    Fantastic – thank you. I have just opened a shop on Etsy and was thinking I maybe should try other sites too (this is all new to me!). Really helpful and much appreciated.

  15. Sarah

    June 19, 2013 at 11:40 pm

    Hi I’m Sarah from many thanks for adding us. In August 2013 we are relaunching Crafty Magpie as the business is growing, and one of the new features will be that our existing and new sellers will be able to create and maintain their own mini shops 24/7…..we have a great love of crafts and are keen to encourage the great British public to support small independent businesses 🙂 I will certainly be back to show the new site, for now anyone interested you can contact me on craftymagpieshop@gmail and I can add you to our waiting list.

  16. Sharon

    July 25, 2013 at 11:04 pm

    Wow, thanks for all this info. in one place! I’m making my way through each section! I was starting to wonder where do i go from here but this will definately help me make an informed decision as to how to sell my work in the right place. Many thanks Sharon.

  17. Gemma

    November 5, 2013 at 5:11 am

    A new website that has been running for almost a month, a little different to other websites as no fees are taken per sale just the rent for the shop up front 🙂


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