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09 Jun

Sad crying face

Hello everyone, it has been a very sad weekend, because on Friday the 6th June, myself and the other 3 admins of The Crafty Network Facebook page announced that we were going to close the TCN Facebook page down.

It wasn’t an easy decision and not something we did on a whim, after being open more than 3 years you can imagine how many Facebook changes we have seen, how many friends we have made, crafts we have promoted and the great pride we have had in watching our following increase! But for the past year or so we have struggled to get as many people as we did joining in, commenting and liking our posts and this has been all down to Facebook deciding how many of our followers saw our posts.  We have worked tirelessly trying to beat Facebook and its algorithms, trying to come up with new ways for our posts to be seen, from writing short posts, long posts, posting pictures, asking questions, using # tags, avoiding certain words like ‘Share’, ‘like’ etc in our posts and posting links in comments rather than in the main posts, but still our posts seemed to be failing to reach even a small percentage of our 5500+ followers, our stats were still on the decline and fewer and fewer people where joining in. As you can imagine this was very frustrating and demoralising for all of us and things only got worse when the page was recently changed to the new improved layout. We realised then, unless we were prepared to start paying for our posts to be seen, we were just fighting a losing battle.

I think this is something many small businesses have been struggling with on Facebook, because lots of you who have Facebook business pages have also been saying the same.  I think the days of free marketing and promotion on Facebook is over.  We have been saying for a while, never rely on Facebook, get yourself a Website or Blog, build yourself an email list of followers, there is nothing stopping Facebook from charging you for all your posts or for your page or even closing you down tomorrow because you break one of their rules. My advice to you is just be prepared if you want your small business to survive.

So what does that mean now for you and us?

It’s time now for us to see if it is possible to survive without a Facebook Business page. What that means is that we aim to do more promotion on here, on our Twitter feed and on Pinterest.  We will make it our task to carry on promoting small business and their crafts, yes, it won’t be as instant as a post on Facebook, but hopefully it will reach a wider audience and will remain here on our blog for future internet searches, (our blog stats prove that).  I also hope you will help us by telling your friends about our Blog, by giving us a little plug now and again, as that is what networking is all about, helping each other.

And finally, I have a little confession to make, we have decided not to ditch Facebook entirely, I thought it would be such a shame to lose touch with everyone and as I have been a member of several Group pages on Facebook and these seem fairly constant and all posts show up in my newsfeed.  I have decided to start a Group Page called The Crafty Network VIP’s, if you would like to join, just click the link and send a request.

The Group Rules are simple:

  • Introduce yourself and add your business name and what you make to the pinned post.
  • Always be friendly, kind and courteous to your fellow members.
  • Join in whenever you can with themes etc.
  • Please refrain from doing multiple posts in one day and clogging up everyone’s newsfeed
  • Ask questions or seek help.
  • Please also Invite your other FB business page friends, the more the merrier.

So watch this space, Facebook may have beaten us, but we will still go on, roll on the revolution and the next best thing in social media for business!

If any of you have similar feelings about Facebook and have already ditched your pages or thinking about it, I would love to hear from you?

Linda x




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2 responses to “TCN Facebook Page Announcement

  1. Irene - FeltVisual

    June 9, 2014 at 8:02 pm

    So sad 😦 but you will survive, even it is in a different format xx


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