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Would you believe it, I am so excited to say, we have another featured business article this time all the way from Latvia.  They have a very special story and they also make my most favourite children’s toys ever, wooden blocks. 

Every young child should have wooden toys in their toy box, my sons did and they still have them, even though they are now 15 and 20, they won’t part with them!  Wood is so special, wooden toys last forever and are so tactile and safe, also wooden blocks help inspire a child’s imagination.

I hope you enjoy reading about Liga and Guntis and their business Klik Klak Blocks and we would love it if you left a comment.

Various wooden blocks

We are a young family with two lovely kids from Latvia (Europe). Our eldest son Valters is 3,5 years old, but our baby girl Paula is just 5 months old. I have a Master’s degree in Engineering.

Their pictureOur family business is making handmade natural wooden toy building blocks for children. We started to think about producing wooden blocks when our child Valters was about 2 years old. We wanted him to have the best quality toy blocks made from natural wood, organic, non-toxic and completely safe. Watching him playing with the blocks, we understood that it’s worth trying to make the same joy to other children. So we founded a small company, bought all the equipment Personalised wooden blocks alphabetnecessary for making the blocks and started making them. We started offering several sizes and shapes of the blocks, but our customers loved them so much that they often asked if it was possible to make blocks with letters and numbers. So we started doing that as well. All the blocks are made of the highest quality of pine, absolutely natural. They are treated with natural linseed oil. Why pine? We make our  blocks of pine not only because of its great look and texture, but because of its great qualities. Pine energetically is a “giving” kind of wood. You can make sure of it yourself – take the toy block of pine in your hands, you will feel the warmth while holding it. Pine also increases immunity and gives positive energy. It takes all the stress away.

Kids playing with wooden blocks
Our wooden toy building blocks are made just the way we had ones in our own childhood – big enough for playing, smooth for the little fingers and with no sharp edges. And completely natural. They even have a name – Klik Klak Blocks. The name of the blocks was given after hearing the sound of the blocks while our son was playing with them – it’s something like this – klik klak klik klak.

Oxo blocks

We sometimes receive questions, asking why wooden blocks are better than plastic ones and why they are so good for children. And we always answer – the main difference between plastic and wooden blocks is: the wooden ones are ALIVE! They really are! They give you the positive energy of wood while playing with them. You could never get this from plastic toys.

About the place we live

We live in Latvia. Where’s Latvia? It is one of European Union countries. It’s a small country – just a little bit more than 2 000 000 inhabitants. So our main value is people! Each and every! We have amazing talents living in Latvia – we are proud of our first Olympic Champion in BMX Maris Strombergs, we are proud of our Maestro Raimonds Pauls who creates great compositions, we are proud of our most popular band BrainStorm, of so many great people who have done big things to make our small country known worldwide. Latvia is also a very green country – with lots of woods, parks, green territories. We love that!

Our capital city Riga is a well-known city worldwide – one of the destinations that is quite popular among European and American people while going on trips. Our family lives in Valmiera, which is 8th largest city in Latvia, about 100 km away from Riga.

I love mum block

How we started selling online

It happened about a year ago when we started making our Klik Klak wooden toy blocks and made an e-shop in Latvia. People loved our wooden blocks and they suggested us to think about selling internationally. So that our blocks are available for everyone not only for people living in Latvia. We started making our online shops on Etsy and ArtFire. It’s just the very beginning now and we are extremely happy about every sale we get. It’s such a special moment for us! Our values are personal attitude and high quality.

I love you blockOur online selling experience and some tips

We are newcomers of online selling, no huge experience yet, but still there is one thing we can advise. Love what you do and make it as much personal as possible. We love sharing personal stories and many customers have wrote us that they love it. For example, one of our products, 50 Christmas wooden blocks is much more popular than others. And you know why? Because there’s a very personal story behind it and we shared it online:

Our eldest son Valters is 3,5 years old and he LOVES playing with the building blocks made by his Dad. Every day after coming home from preschool we hear different kind of sounds while he is playing with the blocks – he imagines them to be cars, trains, bikes, he builds houses, castles, towers and he imagines them to be telephones, TVs etc. Valters has a very special friend in his preschool – a cute girl called Jenny. One evening we asked Valters about his wishes on Christmas presents. He answered that he would like to receive new books from Santa Claus. Then we asked – “And what about your girlfriend Jenny? What would she want to receive on Christmas?” He answered: “I will give her a part of my wooden blocks”. We asked: “Why?” And he seriously answered: “Then we both will be able to build a bridge to each other’s house…”.

This is a true story and it really is special. At the beginning we thought maybe it’s worth keeping it just for us, not making it public, but you know – sharing these kind of special stories help to stay them alive forever!

Liga & Guntis

Klik Klak Blocks

Our e-shop:

say yes blocks

I hope you enjoyed reading Liga and Guntis’s article, please visit their links and take a moment to leave a comment here, it would be appreciated.  Also if you feel inspired to write your own article and tell us about your business, then please get in touch.  We can make it easier for you and send you some questions to help you write your article or you can do it like Liga and Guntis and tell us in all your own words.  Contact us via our email address Thanks. Linda x


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