24 Jan

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You may be pleased to hear that The Crafty Network Craft Challenges are returning, hurrah! I hear you say!?

If you have been a follower of The Crafty Network Blog or Facebook page for a while, you may remember our very successful craft challenges in 2012 and the start of 2013.  Unfortunately though after the first couple of challenges in 2013 we had to cancel them, mainly due to time commitments. For those who are new followers, I will briefly explain about the challenges.

Every month we would set a craft challenge, with the only stipulation that the item must be handmade and must fit in some way with the theme of that challenge.  There was a deadline to send in a photograph of the item you have made, along with a description.  A blog post was then published with all the entries and there was a week to vote for your 3 favourites.  The winner was announced once the voting was closed.

There was no prize as such, as it was all mainly for fun and to get yourselves more exposure, but the winner did have their Facebook/Blog/website advertised on our Blog side bar, promotion on our Facebook page and also the opportunity to be featured on our blog.

This time, we will only be doing 4 challenges throughout the year, giving you a much longer time to enter and approximately 2 weeks to vote. For more details and the Challenge Rules please click: HERE

Challenge dates will be as follows:

The first challenge will be announced on the 1st of February ~ with the deadline of 7 March to send in your entries.  Voting will be open for 2 weeks from the 9th March to the 23rd March.  The winner and runners-up will be announced on 25th March.

The second challenge will be announced 1st May ~ deadline 5th June, Voting starts 7 June, ends 21st June.  Winners announced 24th June.

The third challenge will be announced 1st September ~ deadline 4 October.  Voting starts 5 October, ends 19th October.  Winners announced 21st October.

The fourth challenge will be announced 1st November ~ deadline 30 November.  Voting starts 2 Dec, ends 14th Dec, Winners announced 16th Dec.

So if you fancy a challenge, that should not be to time consuming, but offers you and your business the opportunity to gain more exposure, I hope you will join us, everyone who makes handcrafted items is welcome to enter.  Please look out for the first challenge announcement on the 1st February.


Linda x


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  1. Jan

    January 24, 2014 at 10:49 pm

    Looking forward to it, I always enjoyed the challenges 🙂

    Jan x

  2. Liz Lucraft

    January 24, 2014 at 10:50 pm

    This sounds great I cant wait


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