29 Oct

Announcement ~ TCN Xmas Gift Album

We are excited to announce that we are now taking entries for The Crafty Network Christmas Gifts Album, for information please read the terms & conditions detailed below.  Thanks Linda, Angela & Kay.

Closing Date for entries: 14th November 2013.

The Album will be open 16th – 30th November 2013


1.  The first point to mention is that it is entirely FREE to list an item in The Crafty Network (TCN) Christmas Gifts Album, there are no charges whatsoever!

2.  All TCN asks from you as a Seller is to help us promote the album by Sharing/Promoting the Album on your business pages, personal pages, blogs, websites, forums etc. for the duration of the Sale.

3.  The Christmas Album will be open from the 16th  November to the 30th November 2013.

4.  Each business/seller can list a maximum of 5 items (photos) in the Christmas Gifts Album, which will be listed on the TCN Facebook Page and Blog, only once an item is sold or no longer available, can it be replaced (see point 8).

5.  TCN’s responsibility will be to start promoting the Christmas Gifts Album on Facebook and on the Blog as soon as the Album is open.  The Album will also be promoted on Twitter, Stumbleupon and some items will also be selected to be promoted on Pinterest.

6.  To have your items included, the seller must, send an Email (Email: attaching the photos (jpeg or png) and a description for each item (The Item must be handmade or craft supplies), along with the price, postage and your contact details.   Closing date for entries is on 14th November. Please try to do it like the example below (for each item) as this will make it a lot easier for TCN to upload and will also save us time.




Write a brief description of the item, ie. What it is, what it is made from, can it be personalised etc.

PRICE:  £0.00 including postage or + postage (please state if you will post internationally)

PAYMENT METHODS:  Paypal, cheque, local collection etc


Your Business Name? ~

Email: (Or other on-line URL links)


7. You can start sending photos to TCN NOW, ready to be published on the launch date (16 November).  The last day for sending in items to be included will be 14th November.

8.  Once an item is sold or no longer available, the seller must advise TCN by either leaving a comment below the photo saying ‘SOLD’ or sending TCN an email. Once an Item is sold, the business/seller can choose to email another item/photo to TCN to be listed.  Still keeping to a maximum of 5.  TCN will not delete the sold items photo but will move it to a SOLD ALBUM.

9.  It is the Sellers responsibility to check for comments against their photos and respond accordingly.

10.   Finally, The Crafty Network accepts no responsibility for any transactions between the Seller and the buyer, TCN is purely providing a platform and an opportunity to showcase your items to more potential buyers.  Thank you.


For reference purposes~ Handmade items includes:  Artwork, Photography, Knitted/crocheted items, felt art, fabric gifts, papercrafts, jewellery, pottery, cakes & preserves, soaps, candles, clothing, craft kits, Christmas decorations, flowers, glass and wood. 


Craft supplies ~  refers to any items that can be used by people who make handmade items, ie. fabrics, beads, wool, paper/card, felt, etc, including kits.


If you are not sure about your items or you have any questions, please get in touch via our email or use the message tab on our FB page.


Thank you.

The Crafty Network


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