Making a Polymer Clay Flower Cane (tutorial)

02 Jun

I’ve been making jewellery with polymer clay for over 2 years now on and off, but recently I have been experimenting a bit more with it and making beads using my Makins extruder and now I have been learning how to make polymer clay canes and using them on beads. This flower cane is my recent make and I have a done a step by step photographic tutorial on how to make it, so I thought I would share it on here to see if anyone is interested. Linda x

Georgia P Designs

Polymer Clay Beads

Making a flower cane from Polymer Clay is something I have been wanting to do for quite a while, I am not quite sure why I haven’t.  You would think with my love of including flowers in my jewellery it would have been one of the first things I would have tried to do, if I’m honest, maybe I was just scared and thought they were really difficult and complicated to make.  Well no it’s not really, yes it takes a while and making beads afterwards is not a quick process either, but the satisfaction of seeing the flower appear in your cane, once you have put it all together, squeezed it, rolled it, pinched and stretched it and finally cut off the messy ends is amazing.  You really do feel quite proud of yourself.

Here are the first two flower canes I made, one with 6 petals and one with…

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3 responses to “Making a Polymer Clay Flower Cane (tutorial)

  1. craftschen

    June 4, 2013 at 2:21 am

    Very wonderful!

  2. Sally

    November 12, 2013 at 2:37 pm

    Fab thank you


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