01 Feb

Cover Photo Feb TCN Challenge

Well it’s the 1st of February and the TCN Craft Challenges for this year are officially starting!

Yes I know I could have gone with some obvious choices for the challenge this month, ie. Valentines Day and Mothers Day,  but I don’t always like going with the obvious, also I wanted to make the first theme as flexible as possible to encourage more of you to give it a try!

The Challenge this month is in 2 parts, the first is to produce something handmade that is mainly BLUE or inspired by the COLD WINTER we have been having.  It can be anything from a piece of artwork, a photograph, jewellery, papercrafts, something you can wear, ie. clothing, scarf etc, items for the home, soaps, candles etc etc. Do you get the idea?

Now there are lots of Blue tones so surely you must have something that you can make that fits this criteria?  Never ever, let the theme put you off entering it’s all down to using your own creative interpretation.

Now the second part of the challenge, is to be creative with your photograph of the item and the description.  I do NOT want to see a photograph that hasn’t been thought about (you can still take a good photo even without a professional camera and software, just using a phone, ipad, tablet etc). I also want you to be creative with your description, give the item a name and write something unique about it.  Sell it to me and all the people you want to vote for you.  I’ve never rejected an entry, but I just might start being a bit cruel to be kind this year if the photograph is no good.  So be warned, I am doing it for your own good!

I also want to say ANYBODY can enter the TCN Challenges, even if you don’t sell your items and you are just a hobbyist and of course you can also enter if you do sell your items and even if you are a professional. It is also not limited to people just in the UK, everyone is welcome to join in.  The TCN Challenges are all about challenging yourselves and inspiring you to think more creatively.

Please go and visit the TCN CRAFT CHALLENGE GUIDELINES which gives you all the information you need on how to enter and the rules etc.

All entries for this challenge must be submitted by midnight (GMT time) Thursday 21st February.  Voting will start on Friday 22nd when I publish all the entries here on the blog and voting will close on Wednesday 27th at midnight (GMT time).  The Winner and Runners Up will be announced on Thursday 28th February at 8pm (GMT time).

PLEASE submit entries via email to:  

Good luck everyone and any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Linda x


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One response to “TCN FEBRUARY CRAFT CHALLENGE ~ Winter Blues!

  1. Carter Collectables

    February 27, 2013 at 9:01 pm

    All very clever and so difficult to choose. Our votes are as follows: 1st = 19, 2nd = 20, 3rd = 9. Best of luck to everyone.


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