JANUARY STASH CHALLENGE ~ Entries (No Voting Please)

28 Jan

I always find January a challenging month, mainly because I’m not a Winter person, I just hate the dark days and the damp/wet/cold weather of a UK Winter.  The house looks bare after taking all the Christmas decorations down, the purse strings have to be pulled a little tighter after spending too much money and the belt notch has to be loosened due to eating too much too!  I also find it a challenge kick-starting my motivation and inspiration when all I really want to do is hibernate.

So to help myself and others who may have been feeling similar I decided to set a  ‘just for fun’ Craft Stash Challenge in January (No Voting for a winner, but please still feel free to comment).  In simple terms the rules are you can only use supplies that you already have in your ‘stash’, you should try to challenge yourself and incorporate a new skill if possible and try to make something that is out of your comfort zone or not your norm.  The last bit of the challenge was to think creatively on how to market/promote your product, ie. imagine you were going to list it on a website/on-line marketplace.  I was hoping this part of the challenge would help you going forwards think differently on how you ‘sell and market’ your items.

Since setting the challenge I have decided to leave it open for the whole year, see the bottom of the email for more details and guidelines).

Thank you to everyone for submitting items and well done for challenging yourselves.

Please take the time to have a look at all the entries and then please visit their links to see more of what they offer.  Thank you.


1.  JOJO’s MAKES & BAKES ~  Facebook Link


I started having machine sewing lessons in June of last year, and loved it with a passion from lesson one. Even though I have done very fine cross-stitch in the past,my free hand stitching is appalling. Trying to see me struggle to sew on a button could easily have resulted in a visit to A&E if my mum hadn’t come to the rescue on numerous occasions!

I loved the “Tilda” reindeer, which is in one of the Christmas books, and my sewing teacher had made two which were in the shop. I desperately wanted to make one myself, but was told that it involved a lot of hand stitching!

Christmas came and went with no reindeer 😦 , but stubborn as ever I decided to give it a go. I had a rummage through my stash of material and found a heavily patterned material in darkish colours which I had bought but did not know what to make with it. So I decided to give it a bash and make my reindeer because if it didn’t work out it didn’t matter, and if it did then brill……he or she would be ready for next Christmas. To my amazement the reindeer came out great, I took my time with the hand sewing and it paid off.

I think with special gifts / decorations such as these you can always advertise for sale all year round as some people like to stock up early. I have decided to make one Christmas decoration every month  so that I don’t get caught short.




It’s my latest area of jewellery making that I’ve started to get into. Wirework. These earrings are
made with silver plated wires and hooks and blue goldstone gemstone beads silvery great faux pearls

PRICE: £4.00


3.  GEORGIA P DESIGNS ~  Facebook Link  Georgia P Blog

I don’t normally work with copper wire and its been a long time since I did any proper wire wrapping, so as I had quite a bit of copper wire in my stash, but only 0.6mm and 1mm size (I obviously planned to use it at some point), I decided this might be good for the challenge. Writing about and naming my jewellery is always a challenge so I tried to think a bit more creatively for this set, writing & pricing is just for the challenge!

Turquoise Delight TCN January Stash Challenge

Turquoise Sunset

Inspired by Turquoise Oceans and coppery glowing sunsets, this unique twisted copper and turquoise semi precious gemstone necklace and earring set was born. 16” long with a 3” decorative drop of 3 spiral wired turquoise hearts. Just imagine yourself wearing these on your next holiday as the sun-sets over the ocean.

Price: £25 for the set including postage.


My second entry is a beaded cuff bracelet.  I set myself the challenge of learning some new beading skills this month and this is one of the things I learnt ~ my ‘new’ skill entry, bead weaving.  It was made on a homemade Loom, which my husband made for me and I have since become addicted to creating 3 row and 5 row beaded cuff bracelets, the design potential is endless!

3 Row beaded cuff bracelet on beige suede with Ametrine chip beads by Georgia P Designs

Peach Dreams

Sand coloured suede, white and orange beads and Peach Aventurine chips decorate this unique hand beaded cuff bracelet.  So elegant but simple to wear.  To fit wrist 7”.

Price: £12.00 including postage


4.  YOWE ~

Here is my entry for your ‘Just For Fun’ January challenge. I’ve fulfilled the criteria as follows:

1. Made with materials from stash (I used to do a lot of scrapbooking)

2. I forced myself to use my sewing machine for more than sewing a straight line! I appliqued  fabric pieces on to felt to make the petals for this brooch.

3. This item differs from my norm in a few respects. Fabric is more dominant than wool. Flower shapes don’t usually feature in my work. Also, I normally use bright bold colours but I have stuck to only blue for making the brooch.

4. My idea for packaging the product in a new way was to attach the brooch to a blank greetings card (also made from existing supplies). To stage the photograph I obtained permission to put my card beside a model in my local museum!

YOWE entry

For those occasions when you want more than just a card to say “Thank You”, “Sorry”, Happy Birthday” or pass on any number of other messages. This beautifully hand crafted brooch detaches from the card for use by the recipient. The greetings card has been left blank for you to write your own message. It retails at only £12 from  


5.  DAB AND A DASH ~  Facebook Link  Folksy Shop, Blog, Wow Thank You

I was so excited when i saw this challenge and realised my pirate journals fitted it perfectly.

All the items used in this journal were already in my stash and have been collected over the years.

The covers have been taken from an old, badly treated and unloved, book which i had actually used for another project that went VERY wrong but when i took off the fabric i had put on the front it left this part textured pattern. Perfect!

I have been wanting to do a themed journal with fabric pages, pockets  and interactive collage pieces for AGES but did’nt have the confidence.

It is certainly something new for me and out of comfort zone, as i stated before i have wanted to try style of journal for a longgg time but didn’t have the confidence. (Not sure why as it was great fun and got alot of positive response!!!)


This unique pirate journal was found in an abandoned duffle bag. The duffle bag was found tucked amongst the jewels in a treasure chest.

We know it belonged to a pirate!!!!!
It has travelled on many ships and seen many adventures. Imagine the journey it has travelled?
Now it’s time to add your journey, don’t be afraid to use the journal and enjoy it.
There are many places for you add your treasures, draw your maps, make your pirate marks and there are pockets to tuck those secret finds in. 
Seek out the maps to show you the way.

Find the ships diagrams and find those perfect stowaway hiding places. (You never know when you may need them!)
It is priced at a princely sum of 15 shiny English Pounds.


6.  FlowAaPowaArt ~

I usually paint pictures using watercolour, acrylics, or monochrome oils. I had some wool left over from my daughter’s school felting project, so thought I’d have a go at needle felting. The result is a very bright, almost abstract, sunset scene:


This needle felted beach sunset scene is supplied in a mount ready to go straight into an 8″ x 6″ frame.

It was produced using merino wool onto a felt background.

Due to the nature of needle felting the picture is quite deep, however with some persuasion it will fit into a standard frame. You may need to tape around the edges on the back of your chosen frame to keep dust out.

It is priced at £15 free delivery

Folksy listing:



My Kitty is made completely from stuff in my stash and is upcycled, even his stuffing came from an old cushion. I usually make bags & quilted items but I’ve been wanting to try something a bit different for a while, so when I came across this pattern on the internet I had to give it a go.


Looking for a unique gift for a cat lover! This whimsical kitty will brighten any shelf or table. Made
from upcycled materials ethical and cute! Yours for an irresistible £5.59


8. LIZ’S HANDMADE GIFTS ~ Facebook Link


‘An English Rose’

A white wicker heart, embellished with vintage blue & red buttons & individually handmade tiny white roses.

 Priced at £10 each piece is totally unique as i never make anything twice! 


Something different from my norm, I customised my cloth bag with fancy vintage buttons.



9. BUSY B’s BUNTING & BUTTONS ~  Facebook Link

I’ve taken up Paper cutting as something new in January (has been on my to do list for a while) So here is my entry for the January stash challenge. I have made my own designs, then cut out entirely by hand.


This papercut would be for Valentine’s Day & is approx. 5×7”, can be mounted on any colour background (shown with 3 alternatives) & would look great in a 10×8” frame. Price would be £10 mounted on card (unframed).


10.  Nerdgasmic Jewellery ~ Facebook Link

I made a teeny Ocarina from Zelda and set it into resin. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to fully finish it as I haven’t got my drill yet!



11. Bubble Bees’ Hand Painted Glass  ~ Facebook Link

I have been playing around with Das clay and Fimo and came up with these mini monster dolls.

These measure from about 4.5 to 10 cms in length and 2-3 cms in width. Each one has been hand painted and varnished to protect the colours.

I would price each one from around £4-5

I was inspired to make these dolls because I have printers trays and thimble trays hanging about the garage and wondered what I could put in them. I love all things miniature and enjoy sculpting as well as painting. I usually always make pretty things and thought that I would challenge myself and make something that wasn’t so.  (Click on the link above to see what I usually make).

So here is the start of my little monster family.



As I said above I have decided to leave this challenge open, so if anyone else would like to join in and send in a picture of something you have made, that challenged you, either by learning a new skill or doing something that was out of your comfort zone, I would still love to see them and I will include them in this post.  Please remember to tell us about how the item challenged you and also be creative in how you photograph your item and write about it. 

These are the guidelines:

  1. The item or items must be handmade and you can only use the materials and tools you already have in your stash.  You can also recycle and upcycle.
  2. Please try to challenge yourself by incorporating a new skill or technique (Youtube is a great source for tutorials).
  3. I would like you to try thinking outside of your box or comfort zone, for example make something that is not your norm, ie. if you normally make new and modern, try vintage, if you normally like working with lots of colour try monochrome.  If you do light and girly, try masculine or dark.  Even try a totally different craft or incorporate it with your norm.
  4. Lastly I would like you to market and sell your item to me, imagine you are listing the item on a website or an on-line marketplace to sell it (this is only imaginary, so if you are a hobbyist and don’t sell your items normally you can still have a go).  I want you to think about the whole Producing>Marketing>Sales process. Write a creative description of the item/items, Price it/them (truthfully) and if you want to you can try packaging/branding your product in a new and different way. 
  5. Lastly I would like to see you take time to photograph your item in a staged and unique way.

Please email me your entries to and make sure you label the email JANUARY STASH CHALLENGE.




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7 responses to “JANUARY STASH CHALLENGE ~ Entries (No Voting Please)

  1. Jan @ Handcrafted by Picto

    January 28, 2013 at 7:04 pm

    Wow, lots of great things here, I loved reading through them all and I will be dipping in and out to have a nosey and a catch up and I’m sure I will add something soon.

    • The Crafty Network

      January 28, 2013 at 7:13 pm

      Thanks Jan and I look forward to seeing what you will add. Lx

  2. Stephie at FlowaPowa Art

    January 28, 2013 at 8:21 pm

    This is a great idea for a challenge, and really interesting to see what everyone has done. I’ll look out for updates!

  3. Yowe

    January 29, 2013 at 11:58 am

    Well done to evryone who has already had a go at this challenge and I’d encourage those who haven’t already done so to try it in the months to come. It does you good to try something a bit different and thinking of a different way to market your product is a great challenge too. I particularly like No 8’s photo!

  4. lynseylovesxxx (@LynseyLovesxxx)

    January 30, 2013 at 7:27 pm

    Wow what fab entries, will have to have a go myself, but where to start ????….. busy scanning and searching my craft room……. found old college boxes, perhaps some fabric printing is due, remember it being such fun. Will keep you posted xx

  5. Bee Hale

    February 1, 2013 at 9:29 pm

    Loving the entries so far,well done and keep up the good work.
    On wards and up wards we go!


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