2013 A Year for New Challenges and No Excuses!

03 Jan

TCN 2013 Challenge

Hello & Welcome back.

I hope you all had a very happy and restful Christmas and are now looking forward to what challenges 2013 will bring.  But if you are like me and you rested a bit too much over the holiday season and are now finding it hard to get back into the swing of things, I am hoping what I have in store for you this month may give you that little kick-start that you might need.


As many of you know last year we did a regular Craft Challenge throughout the year, where I set a theme and you had a few days to send in something that was hand crafted that was your interpretation of the theme and then we asked people to vote for a winner.  In the next couple of weeks I will be publishing a post with all the past winners and runners-up and I will be asking you to vote for the 2012 Craft Challenge Winner and 2 Runners Up. So I can send out some prizes!

(1st Prize £40 Hobbycraft Gift Card. 2x Runners Up Prizes of £20 Hobbycraft Gift Cards and 4 further runners-up prizes of £5 Hobbycraft gift cards).

I do hope you will take the time to take a look and vote for your favourites, they all deserve your support.


I also hope you will be pleased to know that in 2013 I will be continuing with the Craft Challenges, but rather than a challenge every 2/3 weeks I will do one a month (less admin for me) and allowing you longer to either make or submit your entry and then slightly longer for people to vote for their favourite.  These will begin the beginning of February, details to be published soon.

KICK START JANUARY ‘STASH’ CHALLENGE JUST FOR FUN! (no voting for a winner, sorry!)

If you are lacking inspiration or motivation and feel in need of a challenge in January, then this might help you along (I will be joining in with this too).  You can make whatever you like, but you must follow the rules set out below, you will also have until the closing date of  27th January 2013 to send in your entry.  [Email entries:]

The rules:

  1. The item or items must be handmade and you can only use the materials and tools you already have in your stash.  You can also recycle, upcycle, but no cheating and buying any new materials or tools. (I will allow you craft supplies etc that have already been ordered, prior to this being announced).
  2. You must challenge yourself by incorporating a new skill or technique (You-tube is a great source for tutorials).
  3. I would like you to think outside of your box or comfort zone, do something original and not the norm, ie. if you normally make new and modern, try vintage, if you normally like working with lots of colour try it monochrome.  If you do light and girly, try masculine or dark.  Even try a totally different craft or incorporate it with your norm.
  4. Lastly I want you to market and sell your item to me, I want you to think about the whole Producing>Marketing>Sales process. Write a good description of the item/items, Price it/them (truthfully) and package/brand your product in a new and different way, then lastly take time to photograph it in a staged and unique way.

Once all entries are in by the 27th January, I will publish them here on the Blog and on Facebook.  My mission with this challenge is to encourage you (and me) to challenge yourselves and hopefully learn something this month that you can take forward with you for the rest of the year.


I don’t know about you, but I feel last year I kind of just plodded along with my craft making, I didn’t really take it seriously.  I didn’t advance or grow and I failed to challenge myself. So this year I have decided that this is going to change. There are lots of new skills I would like to learn and lot’s of things I really should have done last year but for some reason I didn’t attempt. So I have written them down in a list and my goal for the year is to at least try to do them all and I will Blog about them on my other Blog.  The good thing about my list, is that it is no way a definitive list or set in stone,  I can add to and take away things, it just gives me something to focus on when I feel in need of a challenge or some inspiration.

So here is my current list:

  1. Learn Viking Knit
  2. Improve my wire wrapping techniques
  3. Learn Beading embroidery & other beading techniques
  4. Find a course and learn Glass Fusing & lampwork bead making.
  5. Start selling on Etsy
  6. Learn Soutache
  7. Learn to work with Silver PMC (something I wanted to try last year!)
  8. Lose another 24 lbs in weight and continue to keep fit and healthy.
  9. Have a proper holiday ~ abroad!

What I would like to do now is encourage you all to share with us your plans for this year, have you decided to learn a new craft/skill/technique, or are you taking the plunge to start your own craft business or even change the direction of your current business and trying something new? Have you set yourself a personal goal to get fit, lose weight, go on holiday etc?

If you are willing to tell us what goals and challenges you would like to fulfill this year and are prepared to give a little update each month on how you are getting on, please get in touch.  I would like to be able to write a Blog post at the beginning of each month and include your updates.  You could use this as a way of motivating yourself to set and achieve your goals, you could also use it to ask for help, support and inspiration.  We all need help sometimes and what better way than sharing with like-minded crafty peeps?  You can either comment below or send me an email: if you are interested in joining in with this.

You don’t have to join in right now, you are welcome to join in at any point during the year, all are welcome, no matter how small or large your goals are, but if no-one joins in, then you might have to put up with just me and my goals for the year. lol.


If you have any suggestions for Blog Posts for this year or subjects you might like TCN to look into, then please comment below, I will consider all suggestions and all help is gratefully accepted.

Thanks & Happy New Year everyone.

Linda x


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3 responses to “2013 A Year for New Challenges and No Excuses!

  1. lizzierosejewellery

    January 4, 2013 at 12:38 am

    Happy New Year to all at The Crafty Network! Linda, I hope you manage to succeed with all on your list, especially the holiday (get your priorities right)! I feel the same as you about not progressing with any new skills last year, we always blame lack of time, as busy mums, that’s quite understandable. We will have to time manage more efficiently…. will see how that goes! Look forward to reading about your endeavours, Good Luck. Cath

  2. Hendrina Naylor

    January 6, 2013 at 8:24 pm

    All the best for you and your loved ones and this blog for 2013!


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