02 Jun

Welcome to this months Blog Update, lots of posts this month and it’s been very busy with the Mini Challenges.

New Posts this month:

Discussion Posts:

What Makes a Good Craft Fair: 

Featured Crafters:

Fat Bunny Designs:




Celebrations Showcase deadline extended and will be included in June now.

A Crafters Journey:


Magazine Reviews:

We have introduced a new regular feature, where we will do a quick review of as many crafting and jewellery making magazines as we can, this months post looked at June 2012/Spring issues:



No main updates this month, but additions have been added as when I have received them.  I plan to do some shout outs in June to increase interest in the directories.

If you would like your business adding to any of the directories, please leave a comment against the category you would like to be added to, you can be added to more than one.



Craft Calendar (

Events being added all the time.

Event Organisers (

  Workshop & Course Providers – offering silk painting courses, sewing, jewellery, children’s workshops etc.

Please get in touch if you offer any type of craft/arts courses/training and would like to be added. (



New photos of the winners and runners-up added this month from 3 Mini Challenges.

The Mini Challenge:

This month we have done 3 mini challenges, one every 2 weeks:

‘Make Me Smile’, ‘Days of Mai’ and ‘A touch of Royalty’

See the link for the rules etc:

I have been amazed with the interest that people are now taking in this challenge, the number of people who are entering is increasing and certainly the increase in the number of views and votes has been phenomenal.  So thank you to everyone who has either entered these challenges and to those who have voted.  Let’s hope it continues going from strength to strength

The next challenge will be on 13th June, I hope you can join us.



Facebook Networking Pages (

No Updates to this section this month.

Where to Sell your Items: (

No Updates to this section this month.  Sorry keep meaning to tackle some more sites, but spare time has not been in abundance!

Selling Rules & Regulations (

No Updates to this section this month.



Due to other work commitments, Maeri will be unable to carry on with these posts at the present time.  She is hoping that she may be able to resume them from September onwards.

– Business Services. offering services such as Web design, printing, Business Cards, Logo Design, Web Hosting, Domain Names search, Business Advice, Grants, reverse image search etc.

If you provide a business service, web design, printing, labels, wedding services, display equipment etc, then please get in touch I would love to add you to this list as very often we get people looking for help.   (

Crafty Help Q&A’s

– Got a Crafty Question or need some help?  Post a comment and The Crafty Network will try to help by searching the internet and posting the question to all our fans on Facebook.  Questions and Answers will be published on this page.

Discussion Topics:

– Got a topic you would like us to open up a discussion about on our Blog, then why not leave us a comment.  Also you can find links to all previous Discussion topics here.

Topics covered so far:  Pricing, Photographing Crafts and Social Media., On-line Networking, A Perfect e-marketplace, Craft Fairs. 

Facebook Help:

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I struggle trying to remember where to find everything on FB and also the RULES, so I thought as and when I or anybody else finds something that might be useful to everyone, I would post it up here.  So if you can help with anything, please leave a comment below that section.  Thanks.



We added our first tutorial to this page and also uploaded it to Youtube.

Polymer Clay Pendant using a Makins Extruder.  Youtube Video:

If anyone would like to write a tutorial and have it included in our Blog, then please get in touch.


I was very pleased that TCN received the Versatile Blogger Award this month and received a recommendation in the June 2012 issue of Craft Seller Magazine, it’s great to see people are now recognising us as a useful blog: 

If anyone ever has any suggestions of what else we could cover on the Blog, then please do not hesitate to get in touch, I am always open to suggestions.



We have had a 94% increase on traffic from last month.

We have had an average of 219 views/day throughout May.

No. of Subscribers: 100 (22 new subscribers this month)

Top 5 Countries:  UK, USA, India, Australia, Canada,

Top 5 Referrers: Facebook,, Stumble Upon, Twitter, Pinterest,

Top 5 most popular searches: Polymer Clay, Handmade Fabric Crafts, Handmade Gifts for Sale, Creative Stamping Magazine, Local crafts,

Top 5 Business Clicks:,,,,,

Top 5 most viewed pages: –  30th May Mini Challenge, A Touch of Royalty Please Vote, May 2012 Craft Magazine Review, 16th May Mini Challenge ‘Days of Mai’ , Craft Event Calendar, 16th May Mini Challenge ‘Days of Mai’ Please Vote,



Coming soon:  New Article: The Importance of Social Media to Business


Please let me know if you found this useful or not, all feedback and comments are gratefully received.

Thanks for following.

Linda x

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  1. Jackie

    June 3, 2012 at 11:42 am

    Very helpful and interesting blog – thank you x


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