The Crafty Network Magazine Review ~ Issue 3 Creative Stamping

14 Feb

How often is the magazine published and how much does it cost?

Creative Stamping is published every 3 months at a cost of £5.99 per issue.  It’s only available through Craft stores.  Published by Practical Publishing International, this issue has been on sale since the 27th January.  Issue 4 is on sale from 20th April 2012.

Does this issue have any freebies?

Yes, a set of 20 clear Celebration stamps worth £20.  A really good selection of stamps, suitable for birthdays, valentines, weddings and parties, my particular favourite is the camper van.

What was your reason for buying the magazine?

To be honest it was the free stamps!  I don’t make cards but I use stamps in some of my 3D designs and to make my packaging more attractive.

What’s inside Issue 3?

  • Regular features:  including Stamping News, taking a look at all the latest products and events at craft stores.  Letters Page and Readers Gallery showing a small sample of their readers work and a template for a gift box along with instructions for creative gift packaging.
  • Step By Step Guides: Shaving Cream backgrounds, Stamping with bleach and Masking techniques.
  • A number of ideas/projects for using the free stamps
  • Other features: Creating cracked glass embellishments, stamping onto chipboard and stamping images using chalk
  • There are over 60 step by step projects included in the magazine to follow, each giving a list of materials needed and the time it will take to complete.

Are there any articles of interest or projects that you would like to try?

I would definitely like to have a go at making the different gift wrap solutions on pages 18 and 19, they include step by step guides to make 3 boxes and some gift wrap.  Also I fancy trying the shaving foam backgrounds and the cracked glass effects.  I also liked the Inkpad guide at the back of the magazine I will find this very useful as I’m always getting mixed up with my inks!

I think it is a good source of inspiration if you like to make cards.

Is there anything you don’t like about the magazine?

No, I really like this magazine, it’s well laid out, the adverts are unobtrusive and don’t take over and are all relevant.  If there was one teeny negative, it is that most of the projects shown are for making cards.  Considering it’s a stamping magazine I would have liked to see the stamps used on different types of projects, ie. scapbooking, canvas’s, candles etc.

Would you buy it again?

Definitely, even if it is just for the free stamps, it’s well worth it.

How would you rate it out of 10?



If you regularly buy a Craft or Jewellery Magazine and interested in writing a review for us, then please get in touch, I would love to hear from you.  Thanks. Linda x

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