Welcome to October

04 Oct

October is upon us, the weather is turning cold and the leaves are starting to fall off the trees, think we might need to get those warm wooly jumpers out and turn on the central heating!  We don’t know about you guys, but we feel like these weeks and months are flying by, maybe its got something to do with all the planning ahead you have to do in this business!

Dare we say it, but you should all be well on your way now to thinking and making for Christmas, getting all your christmas ideas and stock together, booking those craft fairs and parties, we at TCN are, hence why we have been a bit quiet on our Facebook page of late!  If you are looking for any events to sell at, please check out our Facebook Events Tab for a number of events planned between now and December.  Also if you are an Events Organiser and would like your event included in our Tab, please get in touch.

Talking about our Facebook page, we are fast approaching 2000 fans, which we are really pleased about.  We no longer go randomly searching for likes to raise our numbers, we want our page to be found through word of mouth and recommendations, so thank you all for your help with the shout outs etc.  We welcome and hope all our fans, old and new, have joined our page because they are genuinely interested in what we are trying to achieve with it, that they find it useful and also find the promotional opportunities helpful as well.  Please continue to pass on our details to people you think might like us, this could be other crafters, suppliers, event organisers or even shoppers looking for handcrafted goods, especially with Christmas fast approaching.

We are due to launch our next Photo Album Showcase this week on the 7th October, entries close for this on Wednesday (5th), so if you have not already sent us a photo of one of your crafty items you had better hurry.  There is no theme for this showcase just send us something you have made and are selling.  This also applies to suppliers as well.  All you need to do is include a photo in your email and a brief description of the item and all your contact details, ie. Facebook page, Folksy/Etsy Page, Web site etc.

Also, just to give you a little advance warning, we will be doing another Album showcase for the middle of November, with a Christmas theme.

From some of the responses we have received we think many of you have found the page item on here ‘Where to Sell Your Crafts’ very useful, if you have not already had a look at this, please take a look.  It is a work in progress so not all site links have been reviewed yet, but we are updating it as often as we currently can.

We have a number of exciting things planned for our Facebook page and our Blog, some we haven’t revealed yet, some we are going to start hinting about!  But if anyone has any suggestions as to what they would like to see or find, get in touch or leave a comment below.  Also we are looking to start featuring some Crafters, asking them to tell us about themselves, what they make and how they got into crafting etc. If anyone is interested in being featured, please get in touch.

Well we are going to let you all get on now, fingers crossed for busy and successful times ahead for us all, drop us a note and let us know what you are up to, we might just include you in our next Blog post?  Happy crafting.

Linda & Kay xx


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