Magazine Review – Mollie Makes Issue 5

12 Sep

I have been hearing some very good things about a relatively new Crafty Magazine called Mollie Makes, ‘for people who love the crafty life’.  So much so I decided to buy it and have a read through it myself.  Apologies now as I’ve never done a review before and please bear in mind I am not a sewer nor do I knit or crochet.

1.  What is your name, your business name and what do you make?

My name is Linda, the co-founder of The Crafty Network and a jewellery maker.

2.  How much is it and how often does it come out?

It is a monthly magazine and costs £4.99.  Next issue out 29 September.

3.  Which issue are you going to review?

Issue 5

4.  Does it have a free gift, if so what is it and have you made/used it?

Yes, there is a free gift, a Lovely Linen Kit, which includes Natural linen, print red fabric, a tiny button and red thread, enough to enable you to make a MP3 player case.  Pattern templates on page 93 but full size template can be found on their web page  I haven’t tried to make it yet, but may give it a go. 

5.   Why do/did you buy it?

I had heard good things about it, so I decided to have a look for myself.  It feels like a very good, well made, quality magazine with lots of bright and colourful pictures and features throughout, but loaded with adverts obviously to cover publication costs.

6.  What are your favourite regular features?

I can’t answer this as I bought it for the first time this month.

7.  Tell us about some of the articles?

I found that there was a lot of adverts throughout the magazine and I sometimes found it hard to differentiate between an actual article or an advert as they looked very similar.  Many of the articles I just skimmed over as they didn’t really interest me and I’m still not sure what “Dreaming of a pie party” was about (pages 57 – 66).

There was quite a few projects in the magazine, which is always good for inspiration;

Page 20 – HOMEGROWN – For someone who can crochet, I can’t but I wish I could as I would love to have had a go at making the crocheted peas and carrots project which is on the front cover of the magazine.  There are full step by step instructions on how to make them.

Page 33 – SASSY SHOPPER – Make yourself a gorgeous fabric shopping bag, full instructions again are included on how to make it in 2 different sizes.  For me this is way too complicated, but then again I do have problems sewing in straight lines with a sewing machine and I don’t seem to have the patience to go slowly!

Page 50 – HUNGRY HAMSTER – Now this is more my thing, I don’t mind working with felt and sewing by hand!  Full instructions on how to make yourself the most adorable little felt hamster and even I can see that there is so many possibilities to make your own little unique pet! 

Page 74 – DESK LAWN – Personally I don’t like this, I really wouldn’t want this as a desk tidy and think it’s a waste of 2 T shirts, even it they are old!! Sorry.

Page 83 – FLIRTY FABRIC WALLETS – Full instructions again on how to make lovely wallets out of fabric scraps.  I do actually like the look of this project and would be tempted to have a go!  Yes me!

Page 86-90 – HOW TO MAKE A TEATIME EMBROIDERY – First of all I was a little confused what this was, thought it was another advert, but as I turned the pages I found the instructions on page 90 on how to embroider your own pretty teatime sampler, it even showed you how to make the stitches.  I then realised the preceding pages had been the example and the template for it! I do like embroidery and I used to do quite a lot a few years ago and this project looked really easy once you have managed to trace the design onto the fabric. I wouldn’t have a go at this as I think it is a bit simple and probably more suitable for a child to have a try, but that’s only my opinion.

8. Is there anything you don’t like about the magazine?

I’m not sure I would buy it again as I found it difficult to get interested in many of the articles and I wouldn’t attempt most of the projects.  However I can see that the editorial team and contributors have worked hard to put the magazine together but it is still in its infancy and I get the feeling it is still finding its feet. I might buy it again in a years time to see how it has settled down.

9.  Have you ever been featured in the mag, or thought about sending something in, if so tell us about it?


10.  Would you recommend the magazine and why?

I’m not sure, I don’t feel like I’m really qualified to give an answer, although I would say if you like making handmade, fabric, knitted, crocheted items for the home, give it a try as it’s a good quality magazine and the articles may appeal to you.

11.  What would you rate it out of 10, with 10 being excellent and 1 being Very Poor?

5/10 at the moment as I think there is lots of room for improvement.


If anyone is willing to do a review of any craft magazine, or would like to do a fairer review of a later issue of Mollie Makes, please contact us at

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